Who we are

About STS-Certified

STS-Certified is a leading provider of quality assurance services, mass-production scale testing and inspection solutions.

STS-Certified owns a 3,000m² PV module testing facility strategically located in China, closer to PV makers and main ports of shipment. In 2012, 200,000 solar panels have been tested by STS-Certified, which makes STS testing center the largest of its kind in the PV industry.

Pushing Boundaries Of Quality Standards

STS-Certified has always been pushing forward quality standards in the photovoltaic industry. Manufacturing processes and global context have evolved over time, and STS-Certified keeps researching to match the evolutions of a constantly moving industry.

Unlike any other quality standards, the criteria our experts have developed cover the whole scope of quality on a PV project.

A Team of Experts

Our European management team and team members have extensive experience working in the photovoltaic industry, which has been the foundation of our business approach, leading us to develop a new independent service to help PV companies increase and guarantee the reliability of their project.

Our auditors and inspectors have both an extensive knowledge of quality principles and solar industry experience that gives them the required tools to assess manufacturing facilities, products, as well as planning, construction, operation and end-of-life of PV projects.