STS is a French-owned company specialised in PV components testing and inspection since 2010. With one of the most experienced team of qualified engineers, experts of quality management systems and manufacturing processes, STS has served the needs of clients worldwide looking for a trustful, reliable, professional partner.

Here is why clients choose STS:

Experience and track record

Since its inception, the team of STS has conducted multiple projects, small and 100+MWp large, for clients and installations in all continents.
To date, STS has achieved the largest number of PV modules tested worldwide thanks to its uniquely designed mass-scale PV module testing center.
Every year, STS inspects millions of PV modules for its clients.

Management Commitment

STS is focused on performing its inspections and delivering effective solutions to its clients. Top management is involved at every steps of the project, from the planning phase, negotiation with vendors, being at site whenever it is needed for the sake of project success and client’s best interests, to the report validation.


Quality inspections and overall all work require the highest level of commitment and guarantees of reliability in data and procedures. All STS employees are contractually committed to providing accurate and non-biased data and reports. Our reputation throughout the industry from leading clients is a further testimony of our ability to remain impartial.

Technical Expertise and Best Practice

STS is the only third party consulting firm that has the experience of owning and running a laboratory. This has brought a tremendous experience to our team and lead us to become the pioneer in quality requirements definition in the industry, to an unmatched level of detail and accuracy.
Our team also applies best practices in its daily work, always thinking ahead and of how work can be done in a better.

Cost Value

Quality must not impact decision when it comes to increasing, reducing the scope of inspection and testing. For that reason, STS has developed multiple methods to maintain cost of quality activities at its most effective, while securing products performance.

Proven Results

Ask around! STS has solved multiple challenges that manufacturers did not even know were impacting their manufacturing and their costs. That is the result of a committed, trained, performing team and effective, intelligent procedures and quality methodologies.