PV Modules

STS has developed a comprehensive set of inspection services on PV modules, making it the leader in cost-effective and novel solutions to validate products quality.

Production supervision

The objective of STS Production Supervision service is to ensure that the right components are used during the production process, but also that the right quality standards are applied, that the quality management processes are properly implemented, and that the products reach the expected quality level.

By acting at the production stage of the components, quality issues can be apprehended at an early stage and defective components can be disqualified before reaching the final destination, while not affecting the PV plant project planning.

Pre-shipment Inspection

With its Pre-Shipment Inspection, STS supports its clients by verifying manufacturing data, randomly sampling products and performing performance, reliability, cosmetic and safety tests.

Container Loading Supervision

STS validates the loading of your products into containers and verifies general products conditions including packaging, quantity, sorting, loading method.

Incoming Quality Control

STS independently validates the quality of products received at site to ensure that, at reception, they are in conformity with the applicable requirements in terms of packing and conditioning, quantity, performance, cosmetic aspect.