Workshop Audit


Each manufacturing workshop is designed uniquely, operating with various internal procedures, running on different processes and with different team to execute the work.

STS assesses each single process in the workshop to identify the key areas for improvement and make clear requests to manufacturers in non-conformities found. Our engineers submit a report that will be comprised of a list of all the findings that were revealed during the workshop audit, sorted by criticality and station.

Manufacturers later submit their preventive and corrective action reports, which STS team validates to ensure the readiness of the specific manufacturing environment to enter into production with the lowest risk to fail.

STS Workshop Audit is designed for clients having a project ready to enter production phase on a non-evaluated manufacturing environment, and on which inspection must be quickly conducted. It is also a required evaluation before starting any production supervision work as a preparation and validation of the manufacturing environment to reduce the risk of operations failure.

STS Workshop Audit can be conducted on a short notice.

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