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Quality is our field of expertise. Our experience in the photovoltaic industry and our unique testing center have enabled us to make observations that no other companies in the world could have made. This experience and knowledge is recognized by the whole PV industry, which makes STS-Certified a reference for quality in photovoltaics. We are regularly invited to take part in leading conferences and contribute to the specialized magazines.


Statistical Analysis of PV Module Quality in Mass Production

November 2013
Through the in-depth analysis of tens of thousands of PV modules, this document offers a detailed perspective on which quality defects are the most present in PV modules, and at which rate, so that PV modules buyers and PV projects stakeholders can better anticipate the required actions to prevent risks in PV modules.
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Results 2011 Presentation

March 2012
This report is an in-depth presentation of the results obtained by testing 70,000+ solar panels throughout 2011. The report analyzes these results in order to provide an accurate picture of PV makers’ actual quality level.

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Assessing The Real Quality of PV Modules

by Thibaut Lemoine, General Manager at STS August 2011
With new industrial challenges faced by the PV industry – such as the striking development of Chinese manufacturers, and ever more demanding investors and financial institutions – the quality of PV modules has never been as important as it is today. Because normative requirements are not matching the buyers’ expectations, the questions of what the real quality of a PV module is and how to assess it still remain. This paper analyzes the current situation in terms of quality and the causes of problems, and proposes some ways of addressing the issues in order for the industry to progress on the long path to excellence.
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Quality: Current Limitations, Issues and Solutions In Mass Production

Presentation made by Thibaut Lemoine, General Manager of STS-Certified, at the 4th PV Power Plants Conference, organized by Solarpraxis
November 2012
With ever dropping PV module prices, quality of solar panels is more than ever topical. In this talk held by Thibaut Lemoine at Solarpraxis’ 4th PV Power Plant Conference, 12 prejudices about PV modules’ quality are being addressed.

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