PV Modules


STS Quality Control activities in PV modules inspection are leading the sector thanks to its focus on two aspects: defining requirements and ensuring those are being enforced during production.

Since 2010, STS has continuously improved its methods to adapt technology changes, manufacturing challenges, and cost-reduction impact on operations.

Today, the line of services supplied by STS provides buyers with the assurance of getting outstanding inspection work that goes beyond the typical expectation from an inspection agency.

The entire scope of inspections and tests is especially designed as a plan to mitigate risks to the best possible extent. One inspection without other activities has therefore a much more limited impact on the overall control of modules quality, and it becomes essential to build a thorough plan that will cover key risks in production such as materials change, uncontrolled tests conditions, variety of skills in operators etc.




Assessment of the manufacturer’s readiness to start production in accordance with the agreed requirements.



24/7, STS engineers are present at the factory to ensure that the manufacturing is being done in accordance with the agreed requirements.



Selection and retest of samples by STS engineers to closely look into gaps in manufacturing and post-production.



Assessment by third parties on the performance of the PV modules under unbiased testing conditions.



Supervision of loading conditions to ensure the right goods leave the factory in acceptable conditions.