As a manufacturer, the good performance of your products in the field is a key element to guarantee the satisfaction of your clients and make them choose your products again and again. Our services enable you to make sure of your products’ quality before, during and after production, and to monitor their performance in the field.
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Evaluation Certificate
Provide your customers with a third-party testimony of your quality standards and reassure banks by showing them a third-party Evaluation Certificate from STS-Certified.

Production Monitoring
Thanks to STS-Certified’s Production Monitoring, you are sure that the right components are used during the production process, but also that the right quality standards are applied, that the quality management processes are properly implemented, and that the products reach the expected quality level.

Factory Audit
Our Factory Audit enables you to determine your capacity to deliver products of the expected quality thanks to your management system, working skills, workshop operations, technology, etc.