Factory Audit


Products selected for the project have a critical role over the performance of the system in its operation phase. The selection process of the supplier is a critical step.

Factory Audit will ensure that the selected manufacturer has the capability to deliver products of the expected quality thanks to its management system, working skills, workshop operations, technology, etc.

We make sure that

  • The manufacturer has the right equipment to produce the right products
  • The manufacturer properly implements quality management procedures
  • The manufacturer implements suitable quality standards
  • The manufacturer has obtained the right certificates


STS-Certified sends its engineers and auditors to the manufacturing site at a specific time. STS’ team reviews a large number of information at the supplier’s workshop to ensure that the supplier is capable of producing products with the right quality and components at any point of time. A detailed report is provided to the client in order to enable him to understand the performance of the manufacturer.

Photovoltaic (PV) components are exposed to various risks that may impact either the performance of the PV system or the validity of its warranty. Risks in production include:

  • Use of wrong components
  • Wrong actions in production
  • Quality standards poorly implemented
  • Wrong products being manufactured
  • Risk of future product failure
  • Lack of supplier’s competency

  • Certifications
  • Documentation
  • Production Equipment
  • Testing Equipment
  • Test Coverage
  • Production and Test Control
  • Employees’ skills
  • Training

At the end of the service, a full report will be provided to the client within 5 working days. This report is composed of a summary sheet and a comprehensive review of the production.