Manufacturer Evaluation


Provide your customers with a third-party testimony of your quality standards. Proving that your factory and your products are up to the highest standards is a necessary commitment in the photovoltaic market, as competition remains cut-throat and PV industry stakeholders are increasingly aware of quality issues.

Reassure PV projects’ stakeholders by showing them a third-party Certificate of Evaluation (with complete report of your quality achievements) issued by STS-Certified.

The Certificate of Evaluation will enable you to convince distributors, EPCs, project developers, project investors, banks, insurances and technical consultants.

Available for:


The Evaluation Certificate is a single page document attesting of the results reported by STS-Certified after the inspection, either at your factory (Factory Evaluation Certificate) or at our testing center (Product Evaluation Certificate).

The Quality Rating Mark is a logo that indicates the results of the inspection performed by STS-Certified. It comes in a format that can be included in your products’ data sheets, on your website and all other communication tools you might use. Two distinct Quality Rating Marks are issued for the factory and the products.

The Audit Report is a detailed report of the inspection performed by STS-Certified, either at your factory or at our testing centre. It provides you with a complete analysis of your quality achievements, and can be used to provide PV projects’ stakeholders with a detailed explanation of how your company excels when it comes to quality.