Photovoltaic (PV) systems are exposed to serious risks of under-performance related to product quality.

With its Pre-Shipment Inspection, STS supports its clients by inspecting products prior to shipment and making sure they are of the right quantity, type and feature a proper and safe conditioning and packaging.

We make sure that

  • The right quantity of products is ready for shipment
  • The right type of products is ready for shipment
  • The quality, on a sampling basis, is met
  • The packaging is proper to the transportation
  • The right products are being placed and sealed in the container


STS-Certified’s team of experts and engineers is sent to the selected manufacturing site prior to the shipment of the goods. The team controls the products visually and by selecting samples and submitting them to a re-test. Defective products are identified and reported to the client. The products are controlled to meet the contracted technical requirements, be in the right quantity, and in a packaging that is proper to the selected transportation method. Container-loading and container-sealing procedures are supervised and recorded. A full report is sent to the client, including recommendation and notification in case of discrepancy.

Photovoltaic (PV) products are exposed to various risks that may impact either the performance of the PV system or the validity of its warranty. Risks in production include:

  • Use of wrong components
  • Unqualified quality
  • Poor packaging
  • Wrong products being sent to the client
  • Shortage of quantity of the products
  • Poor products handling during loading in the container

  • Quantity
  • Packaging method and quality
  • Container loading
  • Construction (by sampling)
  • Dimensions (by sampling)
  • Connections (by sampling)
  • Sealing (by sampling)
  • Soldering (by sampling)
  • Module appearance (by sampling)
  • Electrical characteristics (by sampling)
  • Electroluminescence (by sampling)
  • Compliance of components with agreed Bill of Material

At the end of the service, a full report will be provided to the client within 5 working days. This report is composed of a summary sheet and a comprehensive review of the production.