Production Monitoring


The key to ensure the performance of a PV Plant is to make sure each component will reach a consistent, well-defined and acceptable level of quality.

The objective of STS Production Monitoring service is to ensure that the right components are used during the production process, but also that the right quality standards are applied, that the quality management processes are properly implemented, and that the products reach the expected quality level.

By acting at the production stage of the components, quality issues can be apprehended at an early stage and defective components can be disqualified before reaching the final destination, while not affecting the PV plant project planning.

We make sure that

  • The certified components are being used during production
  • The products are manufactured with the right quality standards
  • The right technology is applied
  • The products match the expected performance


STS-Certified sends its engineers and auditors to the manufacturing site during the whole duration of the production. Quality standards are reviewed and auditors make sure they are being implemented at the facility. Control of the components’ origin and conditioning are made. Supervision of the production, of the equipment, of the operators is being performed. Products sample re-testing is being performed.

Photovoltaic (PV) components are exposed to various risks that may impact either the performance of the PV system or the validity of its warranty. Risks in production include:

  • Use of wrong components
  • Wrong actions in production
  • Quality standards poorly implemented
  • Wrong products being manufactured

  • Quantity
  • Packaging method and quality
  • Construction
  • Dimensions
  • Connections
  • Sealing
  • Soldering
  • Module appearance
  • Electrical characteristics
  • Electroluminescence
  • Compliance of components with agreed Bill of Material

At the end of the service, a full report will be provided to the client within 5 working days. This report is composed of a summary sheet and a comprehensive review of the production.