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Jun 2024

A Successful Participation in Intersolar Europe 2024: Highlights and Key Takeaways

We are delighted to share that our participation in Intersolar Europe 2024 was a big success. Held from June 19th to 21st at Messe München in Munich, Germany, Intersolar Europe is the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry. Over these three days, we had the pleasure of meeting clients and partners, engaging in insightful conversations about the latest trends and innovations in the solar and energy storage industries.

Engaging Conversations and Industry Insights
At Intersolar Europe, our team of experts delved into several trending topics, sharing and gathering valuable insights that will shape the future of our industry. Here are some key takeaways from our discussions:

Modules: Some manufacturers are now deploying integrated Back Contact (i-BC) technology at a utility scale. While this promises enhanced efficiency, it also introduces new quality risks that need to be managed.

BESS QAQC: Ensuring hardware compatibility between Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), Power Plant Controllers (PPC), and Energy Management Systems (EMS) remains a critical concern for buyers, often overlooked during most Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs).

Repowering: There is a significant opportunity to boost Germany’s photovoltaic capacity by up to 40GWp simply by upgrading older PV plants with new, higher wattage modules.

Recycling: Facilities in Germany and France have achieved the capability to recycle nearly 100% of photovoltaic modules. This advancement may make recycling a more viable option compared to re-selling used modules.

Testing: The industry is witnessing an increase in inventive testing solutions powered by AI, which we are looking forward to exploring more.

Inspections: Given the current market scenario with rock-bottom prices, relying solely on module inspections might not suffice. We recommend extending inspections to the cell level to ensure comprehensive quality assurance.

Traceability: Both buyers and manufacturers are increasingly focusing on tracing their supply chains upstream, including efforts within Europe.

Our Commitment to Excellence
At STS, we are driven by a commitment to driving sustainability progress by deploying pertinent solutions through technical and advisory services that solve our clients’ challenges. We help buyers in renewables identify, assess, and mitigate their risks. We stand by our clients on the buy-side, delivering pertinent solutions that earn their trust when it matters most.

We are pioneers in the renewable energy sector, being the first QAQC company in the PV industry since 2010, the first ISO17020-accredited inspection body in this sector (2019), and the originators of several industry standards. Our trailblazing efforts include the first industry’s standard for PV module manufacturing and dispatch approval (2018), the first traceability audit in February 2021, and our innovative STS Sustainable Supply Chain Program.

As a global company, we have a presence in 13 countries across three continents, with clients spanning >30 countries. Our large global fleet of full-time inspectors and extensive track record highlight our capability to ensure the continuous quality of your products, wherever you are in the world.

Our dedication to providing an impeccable client experience is reflected in our impressive metrics: a Net Promoter Score of 67, with 79% of our orders coming from repeat clients or referrals. We are proud to serve nine of the top ten global developers, showcasing the confidence the industry places in us.

Our Presence at Intersolar Europe
Our booth at Intersolar Europe showcased our comprehensive range of inspection, auditing, testing, and advisory services and our unwavering commitment to quality. We demonstrated that STS is your day-and-night eyes-and-ears, ensuring the continuous quality of your products, regardless of your location.

In summary, Intersolar Europe 2024 was a remarkable event for us, filled with productive interactions and valuable insights. We look forward to leveraging these learnings to continue delivering unmatched quality and service to our clients.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and engaged with our team. Together, we are driving the future of the solar and energy storage industry.

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