Qualifications & Compliance

See how we manage our risks in accordance with international standards.

Unmatched Certified Management System


STS has become the first Inspection Body accredited to conduct PV Modules pre-dispatch inspection and therefore release the only valid Certificate of Conformity.


STS has designed a unique Quality Management System to ensure client satisfaction through detailed and challenging internal processes.


Impartiality, Independence, and Confidentiality

“STS has emerged as the leader in quality inspections and audits in the solar industry. Our true commitment to impartiality is the essence of our business and the minimum our clients should expect. Our reputation and success have been obtained through a hard stance that guarantee a sustainable way of working translated everyday in our work decisions. Our commitment to Impartiality, Independence and Confidentiality goes and must continue to go well beyond the minimum expected to protect our clients and our brand.” 

– Alexandre Minuzzo – President


As an organization committed to acting with fairness and without bias, STS is committed to:

  • Providing satisfactory services to our clients objectively, fairly, accurately;
  • Assessing our risks exposure at least on an annual basis;
  • Publishing and updating as needed the relevant procedures to ensure that our control methods remain adapted to our operating challenges;
  • Maintaining our employees’ awareness and their understanding of related situations and risks;
  • Serving all customers with the same quality of work and service standards;
  • Maintaining a zero-tolerance standing.

As a third party, STS adheres to a fair position, and we aim to provide satisfactory services to clients objectively, fairly, accurately and in a timely manner in accordance with the laws, regulations and contractual agreements.

We shall constantly:

  • Assess our related risks and update our policies and procedures as needed;
  • Maintain, throughout our group, a business scope that guarantees that our services will not cause or be affected by conflicts of interests;
  • Maintain our employees’ awareness and understanding of related situations and risks
  • Make judgment and render our verdicts without considerations of future business opportunities;
  • Protect our neutrality by setting-up risk averse processes and support our employees in case of conflicts.

Through relevant Confidentiality policies, we aim at implementing strict protection of Clients and Business Partners information, guaranteeing such information ownership to safeguard their respective legitimate rights.

To ensure that we can fulfill our duties, we shall:

  • Regularly assess our related risks and establish and update our policies and procedures as needed;
  • Maintain our employees’ awareness and understanding of related situations and risks;
  • Monitor our information confidentiality and security;
  • Take the necessary action in case of breach to protect stakeholders’ interests.