Mar 2022



– Bubbles Inside Modules

– Large Deviation in Module Power during Pre-shipment Inspection

– Ribbon Offset

– Frame Edge Splits

– Bubbles Inside Modules

If the laminator is not properly used, or properly maintained, the air extraction may be affected. In this case, air bubbles were visible inside the laminate.

– Large Deviation in Module Power during Pre-shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection typically includes re-measuring a subset (sample size based on ISO2859) of modules in a lot. In this case, re-measurement showed a strong deviation from initial measurements. After investigation, it appeared that the temperature of the flasher was not well controlled. A non-standard temperature will affect mostly the voltage of a module and may have a significant impact on the measurement.

–   Ribbon Offset

Soldering multi-wires is simply more complex than soldering simple busbars. The rework rate for multi-wires is usually found higher than the one for simple busbars. Amongst very common issues, we find that the soldering machine does not always align the wires properly (left). We also find, for instance, wire distortion due to errors made during manual rework (right).

–    Frame Edge Splits

In this example, we see that the frame was damaged (fractured) during manufacturing. Framing is typically a step which is well automatized. However, improper settings or maintenance of the robot may lead to severe frame damage. 

Overall, enhanced staff training and proper equipment maintenance needs to be in place to avoid these non-conforming practices. Onsite production supervision provided by an accredited inspection body mitigates the risk significantly.