Apr 2022

Need alternative suppliers?

The Department of Commerce taking on the AD/CVD anti-circumventing petition case from Auxin Solar in the USA is yet another reminder that the US industry may not have diversified enough their module supply options in the last decade.

Developers, in the USA but also in other regions of the world, need today alternative solutions to Chinese manufacturers. Whether in India, in North America, in Europe or in Asia, alternative suppliers exist. In fact, fueled by public incentives to strategically build a local supply chain, production capacity in Europe and India is today experiencing an unprecedented growth.

Thanks to our European (French) roots, and the incredible word-of-mouth reputation of quality and cost-effectiveness that we enjoy in India, we know the industry landscape in these regions very well.

Contact us for more detailed information on how to select new alternative suppliers, negotiate contracts, and execute orders outside of China and South-East Asia.