Quality Inspection services for the Solar and Energy Storage industries – Ensure products are conform to requirements.


The PV industry has been evolving at a fast pace over the last few years: we have witnessed new PV technology development (larger wafers, n-type cells, etc.), new supply chain constraints, new regulatory requirements, volatility in polysilicon, wafers and module prices, logistics issues, etc. The energy storage industry is also facing some challenges of its own, such as shortage of material supply, very high growth rate of production capacity, business-case-specific design and requirements, etc.

With these evolving requirements, it is more than ever necessary to ensure that the components manufactured for a specific project are conform to the specific requirement of the project, of the use case, and of the client.

As an independent ISO/IEC17020:2012 accredited TIC company, STS offers a diverse range of quality inspection services to the leading developers and financiers around the world in the renewables sector, helping them secure the performance of their assets. We provide up-to-date quality inspection solutions and position inspectors at every corner a manufacturer may cut, ensuring the level of quality required for projects development and financing.

Our inspection services, trusted by 11 of the 15 largest PV developers globally, are designed to control quality and verify the requirements. We routinely inspect any component that may be found in a PV + Storage system: modules, inverters, transformers, battery containers, racking systems, but also wafers, solar cells, battery cells and packs, and even floating structures and cleaning robots.