STS News

Feb 2018

STS Inspected Nearly 3.8GWp of PV modules in 2017

STS, the industry’s leader in PV modules inspection, announces today that it has performed quality assurance and quality inspection services on a total of 3,768MWp worth of PV modules manufacturing in 2017. Inspections were mainly performed in China and South-East Asia.

Out of 3,768MWp of quality inspections, 3,435MWp underwent STS 24/7 in-line production witness inspection.

STS continues to lead the PV modules inspection sector thanks to its comprehensive and advanced inspection techniques, and the involvement of full-time qualified inspectors only. Clients’ loyalty to exclusively engage STS continues to demonstrate that STS dedication and innovations are the right path forward to secure PV modules quality and performance.

STS now counts more than 70 staffs, with further growth perspective in 2018.

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