STS News

Jan 2024

STS participated in the Solar Quality Summit 2024

STS participated in the Solar Quality Summit 2024, hosted by SolarPower Europe in Barcelona, Spain, spanning from January 23-24. This marked the inaugural solar quality gathering of the year, offering a valuable opportunity for engaging discussions on current industry trends with fellow participants. Here are the key take-aways shared by Elias Garcia Goma, our Technical Consultant in Europe:

The Price of PV modules holds little sway over buyers: Procurement teams are now placing greater emphasis on establishing a reliable and long-term supply chain with PV module manufacturers, prioritizing reliability over minimal cost savings.

Assurance of Supply Chain Quality & ESG considerations is imperative: Building on the previous point, there is heightened attention on auditing and inspecting selected manufacturers to ensure quality and compliance with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards.

Anticipated financial challenges for manufacturers: With the production cost of a PV module hovering around 0.1 USD/Wp, which aligns closely with the current selling price, the absence of financial backing may lead to the demise of many manufacturers unable to sustain this delicate balance.

Sustainability remains a discretionary factor: In contrast to non-negotiable aspects such as the absence of forced labor, sustainability features, such as recyclability, are not yet universally demanded by developers. The majority appear indifferent to whether a module is recyclable or not.

The ascendance of Battery Storage: The prominence of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) is on the rise, and module manufacturers are venturing into BESS production as well, highlighting the growing significance of energy storage in the industry.