STS News

Jun 2021

STS Speaks at PV Magazine RoundTable Europe 2021

STS took part in the discussion regarding risks inherent to large modules at the PV Magazine Round Table Europe 2021

Increased risk of performance

We recommend including the PAN file parameters into the purchase agreement, witnessing the BOM during the PAN file test sample selection, controlling the cell type, and measuring the low-irradiance performance at every lot.

Increased risk of soldering

The rework rate of 9BB (wire) is about 30 percent higher than that of 5BB (ribbon). Bad soldering may lead to power loss and hotspots.

Increased risk of cracks/microcracks

We recommend 100% EL control during manufacturing, 24/7 inspection (we see twice as many findings during the night shift compared to the day shifts), anda robust quality control plan (STS-STD-PVM1:2018).