STS News

Dec 2023

STS Spoke at PV ModuleTech Conference Europe 2023

We had an enjoyable time at PV ModuleTech Conference Europe in Barcelona this week. It was a great opportunity to engage with our clients and partners and gain insights into the latest developments in the European market for PV module technologies, specifically TOPCon and HJT.

Emilio Jorquera Ferrat, our Technical Account Manager spearheading STS’ outreach in South Europe and Latin America, was a featured speaker in the session “TOPCon Module Performance & Reliability for Large-Scale Utility-Based Projects” on November 29.

During this session, Emilio Jorquera Ferrat brought perspectives on the development, performance, and reliability of TOPCon modules in the current market. He also recommended to have the purchase contract reviewed and the bill of materials verified by a third-party company to minimize risks associated with this n-type technology. In this regard, STS provides purchase contract technical support to the buyers by compiling all technical documents and conducting robust risk assessments on deviations of quality requirements to make sure that your purchase contract is properly established.

Also, according to Elias Garcia Goma, our technology expert, the adoption of TOPCon is progressing more slowly than anticipated. HJT is being built among major players. Similar to other emerging technologies, both TOPCon and HJT exhibit mass production variability. Conservative buyers are still inclined towards PERC modules, a well-established and less risky technology.

Looking ahead to the next year, ensuring PV Module reliability, quality and traceability is expected to stay at the center when negotiating contracts with manufacturers. In this context, Bill of Materials (BoM) verification is highly recommended, particularly considering the current emergence of issues related to BoM choices, like rear glass breakage on bifacial modules, which has become a general concern from the PV community. This underscores the importance of purchase contract review and BoM scrutiny to address potential challenges, as shared in our presentation by Emilio Jorquera Ferrat.

At STS, we have been consistently delivering pertinent QAQC solutions, adapting our services to align with the ever-evolving developments in the industry. We are set to contribute more to the European renewables transition by leveraging our evolving expertise in quality assurance and the renewable energy sector.