STS News

Nov 2022

STS were invited by EnergyearFrance 2022 as a speaker to moderate a PV panel experts’session

As the global leader of quality assurance on the wide range of PV equipment – including but not limited to PV modules, inverters, and trackers, STS were invited by Energyear France 2022 as a speaker to moderate a PV panel experts’ session gathering manufacturers of PV modules, inverters and trackers, to discuss on how technology innovation allows CAPEX reduction.

Soukaina, Technical Account Manager at STS, shared her view on raw material and transport price increase in the PV sector, which is not intrinsically leading to LCOE increase, thanks to technology innovation and increased technical efficiency (larger modules, more powerful inverters, and increased trackers intelligence, etc.).

Experts from manufacturers (Longi, Sungrow, PVH, and Axial) in this session also shared their opinions on technology innovation and drew together a perspective on lowering the CAPEX with these innovations, highly recommending that the reliability of these new technologies should be assured first until the innovation has reached a certain level of maturity.