STS News

Sep 2023

We were at Energyear France 2023

We are honored to be invited to moderate a panel on CAPEX in photovoltaic projects at Energyear France 2023 this September. With a stellar lineup of industry experts, we explored innovative strategies and emerging trends that are transforming the landscape of CAPEX costs in photovoltaic projects.

A few highlights:

The EU solar market is experiencing a robust growth phase with increasing capacity, abuzz with a strong interest in enhancing supply chain transparency and security.

The market is currently focused on the adoption of N-type PV modules, exploring hybridization with energy storage, evaluating scenarios central versus string inverters, and fostering EPC collaboration in the early stages of project development. These efforts are all aimed at improving efficiency and managing associated risks.

The shortage of resources also necessitates streamlining and expediting the project design and construction processes to maintain cost control.