Mar 2022

What You Need to Know About the Indian Solar Manufacturing Landscape

About 90% of solar modules & solar cells in India have been, in recent years,  imported from China and Southeast Asia. In order to promote domestic manufacturing, the Indian government will now use both “Production-Linked incentives (PLI)” and Basic Custom Duty (BCD) from April 2022 – 40% on solar modules and 25% on solar cells.

The government-led policies are paying off, and the Indian manufacturing landscape is experiencing an unprecedented growth. Since many manufacturers are in free zones, this additional capacity is at least in part available for export, triggering a strong interest amongst developers across the Globe.

STS started its journey in the Indian solar market more than 7 years ago, when the Indian annual market was less than a GW. Since then, STS has maintained its market leadership in module inspection in the region, inspecting, at times, more than half of all modules imported into India in a given quarter. Today, we support more and more international developers interested in exploring whether Indian modules may be right for them. 

Contact us for more information on the Indian manufacturing landscape and how STS can support you in quality assurance for your modules and cells procurement in India, China, and Southeast Asia.